SIALKOT -Punjab Minister for Livestock Husnain Buhadar Daraishak has said that the provincial government was making hectic efforts to develop the livestock sector on modern lines by bringing improvement in health management, bread, fodder, feed and farm houses across the Punjab. He said that the sector was badly ignored by the past governments which remained mostly failed in evolving the effective policy for its development. He said that the development of livestock and dairy was the priority of the government and government was evolving the effective and continuous policies which would so bring betterment in the economical condition of the farmers as well. He stated this while addressing an important meeting of the Aialkot exporters held at Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry(SCCI). He also asked the Sialkot exporters to also focus on the exports of the dairy products, saying that the encouragement and promotion of the exports of the dairy products could help to earn the precious foreign exchange.

The provincial minister also visited the Collection and Deliveey Center of the Punjab Food Department at Noorabad-Sialkot here today.

He was told that this center was providing as many as 750 liters fresh milk to as many as 320 consumers while going door to door in Sialkot.