For the business to flourish, there has to be good infrastructure such as roads, telephones, electricity. When governments collect money from taxes it ploughs this money into development this infrastructure and turn promotes economic activity throughout the country. The concept of taxation is also important to business because government can fund this money into the economy the from of loans or others funding forms.

Taxes help raise the standard of living in a country. The higher the standard of living, the stronger and higher the level of consumption. additionally, when ther is a market for their product and sevices, with a higher standard of living, Business would be assured of a higher domestic consumption as well. Taxes are essential and every citizen is meant to reap benefit of these taxes.

However, The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government has given nearly RS20 billion worth is tax exemption to the richest class of the country, which is 40% of the amount that it will collect by increasing tax burden on the salaried class. If we compare the 2018 and 2019 years, so we will the difference between those, in 2019 50% of giving people are increased, almost 1,600,000 people are reached to give the taxes. According to the report, from 22nd November 2019, in (Mubadala kazana) one billion and 400 million dollar is increased, 11300 points are accelerated in Stock Market, per month giving taxes are abated from 32 billion into 12 billon. But still peoples are critizing on the PTI government, this government is creating more ways to make the Pakistani’s life worst, but the thing is this these taxes are helping the country, the good result will be seen in further three years, we will receive signifit result in future. I appreciate the PTI government and request to continue the event which gives benefit to the country and also peoples will know this thing, when people think farsighted not shortsighted then they know the importance of Taxes because people want just result and the good result will be infront of peoples in soon time.