LAHORE              -               To review the implementation of wastewater treatment plants in Sundar Industrial Estate (SIE), a meeting with Chairman of Judicial Commission on Water and Environment justice (R) Ali Akbar Qureshi and co-chaired by DG EPA Tanveer Warraich was held at the Judicial Commission’s Complex on Friday. DD EPA Ali Ijaz briefed to the chair that initially 45 units being inspected by EPA and served notices regarding Punjab Environmental Protection Agency Act and the process of re-survey was going to start to inspect all factories in Sunder. President SIE Shahzad Khan said that there were over 450 factories in production in Sundar Industrial Estate and contributing to the economy by generating employment of 70–80 thousand persons and recently in a meeting under CM Punjab, was decided to install Effluent Treatment Plant at Sundar Industrial Estate and Quaid–e-Azam Industrial Estate to improve environment and ecosystem through treatment of industrial wastewater and installment of treatment plants to treat wastewater. He requested to chair regarding permission of more 10 days to compliance order of EPA. The WASA MD, Zahid Aziz, briefed to the chair that feasibility report of further treatments plants was in process and very soon govt was going to install four wastewater treatment plants respectively at Mahmood Booti, Shad Bagh, Shahdara, Babu Sabu and fifth also in the pipeline at Hudyara Drain but these plants could be used for domestic not industrial purpose because it could be possible only with the cooperation of industries. The DG said that purpose of implement Punjab Environmental Protection Agency Act was not to stop the business; but to avoid pollution in any shape. Justice (R) Ali Akbar directed to the representative of EPA to conduct a detailed survey in SIE and decided a fix timeline with the consideration of industrialist.