A Pakistani-origin police officer has been appointed to lead the New York Police Department’s volunteer force, following which he immediately dedicated this achievement to his motherland –  Pakistan. Captain Adeel Rana and Lt. Zaigham Abbas — fellow Pakistani-American police personnel — pinned badges on his uniform.

Nasir Saleem, a 30-year veteran of New York police, is also the first Muslim to lead on the front as Auxiliary Deputy Chief of the around 5,000-strong force which serves in the city’s neighbourhoods as auxillary of the regular police by facilitating through foot, vehicle, and bicycle patrols.

“It’s a great honour … I am speechless,” said Saleem during media interaction after the oath taking ceremony. “I dedicate my new title to Pakistan.” The ceremony was attended by senior police officials and members of the Pakistani community. 

The Auxiliary Police officers, trained to observe and report conditions, also require the services of the regular police cooperation in non-enforcement and other duties.