Islamabad - The Supreme Court of

Pakistan Friday directed

the Federal Ministry of

Information Technology

and Telecommunication

to decide additional frequency spectrum to CMPak Limited within one


A two-member bench

of the apex court comprising Justice Maqbool

Baqir and Justice Mansoor Ali Shah issued

these directions while

hearing the appeal of

CM-Pak Ltd against the

decision of the Islamabad High Court.

CM-Pak Ltd counsel

Muhammad Ali Raza informed the court that in

2014 Spectrum 3G & 4G

was auctioned on the direction of the Ministry of

Information Technology.

The federal government

fixed the price and the

auction was held by Pakistan Telecommunication

Authority (PTA), the regulatory body on April 25,


He stated that CM Pak

was awarded 10 Mhz

Spectrum as it was the

highest bidder and the

spectrum was sold to the

company at $306 million for 15 years starting

from April 25, 2014.

Raza argued that thereafter the company had

installed the equipment

and it informed the PTA

on June 9, 2014 that

there was interruption in

the frequency. In March

2016, the Frequency Allocation Board (FAB) offered additional frequency 5Mhz compensation

for two years with this

condition that either

they would clear the interruption or give alternate spectrum.

The counsel added

that in 2018 the FAB

admitted that the interruption could not be

cleared. Therefore, his

client approached the

PTA, which declined the

petition that additional

frequency 5Mhz cannot

be granted to the company.