A wise man once warned humanity not to take the West seriously whenever it speaks of the sanctity of human rights. His warnings against the West’s hypocrisy over human rights can be seen very clearly as the European Union (EU) Parliament has deferred voting on India’s contentious Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) until March. Many members of the European Parliament have rightly pointed out that the EU by postponing the resolution has preferred trade interests to human rights. The disgruntled members have revealed nothing new to the readers of this paper.

For the editorials in this paper have consistently argued that the West, both the United States (US) and major European countries see India as a lucrative market for their products. They see India as a big economic power and market, which they cannot afford to offend. Thus they choose to remain silent over the Indian government’s abuses against people.

It is the economic and potential trade deals because of which the West’s new masters of humanitarian war are prone to miss the human position of suffering and injustice. The cautiousness of the European Parliament is understandable. “Apart from appearing as a lifeline to flailing western economies, India is a counterweight, at least in the fantasies of Western strategists, to China,” Pankaj Mishra says about Western silence in the case of India.

The EU Parliament’s “appalling decision” tells us that the EU forgets its pledge of “never again” repeating the mistakes that resulted in the immense human sufferings during World War II (WWII). The capitulation of the EU Parliament is nothing but a classic case in point of the moral bankruptcy of the European nations. They are once again busy in appeasing the fascist government of Narendra Modi, only to protect their trade deals with India. The policy of appeasement is taking its toll on the Indian Muslims, who under CAA can become “statelessness, incarceration or deportation.”

Besides, as if the moral capitulation of the members of the EU Parliament was not enough, some of the members went to the extent of calling CAA “an act of positive discrimination”. It’s ironic that these people call it “an act of positive discrimination” when countless Indian intellectuals, academics and ordinary people see the CAA as nothing short of an anti-Muslims piece of legislation.

Regrettably, the EU Parliament ignores the writings of the renowned Indian journalists and authors who have been writing against Modi’s government fascist policies. True, it is not for the EU Parliament to say whether CAA is constitutional or not, but it can do one thing: making the moral choice of boycotting trade deals with India that is currently ruled by Hindu supremacists.