WASHINGTON (AA): The Democrat-led House of Representatives on Thursday voted to markedly curtail the ability of President Donald Trump, a Republican, to launch a military strike against Iran. House lawmakers voted 228-to-175 to approve a bill that would block Trump from using any federal government money for “military force against Iran” that had not been authorized by Congress. They then voted 236-to-166 for a bill to repeal a 2002 authorization for then-President George W. Bush’s war against Iraq, which is known by the acronym AUMF and has been used since as a legal basis for other U.S. military operations. The bills have yet to clear the Republican-led Senate and can be quashed by Trump’s veto. Democratic lawmakers accused Trump of reckless warmongering with the Islamic Republic and criticized as provocative his decision to launch the drone strike that killed Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani in Baghdad on Jan. 2. Writing on Twitter, Democratic lawmaker Ro Khanna said the bill will “use the power of the purse to prevent war with Iran”.