PESHAWAR - Amidst continuous curfew in the restive part of Khyber Agency around 116 Afghans were arrested by the security forces while dozen of hideouts of miscreants were bulldozed during the second consecutive day of military operation in Jamrud and Shakus area of Khyber Agency. Addressing a Press conference here at Khyber House Peshawar Political Agent of Khyber Agency Tariq Hayat Khan claimed that dozens of suspected militants were arrested from Jamrud during military operation, which still continued against the miscreants and kidnappers for the second day in Jamrud Tehsil of Khyber Agency. "A bulk of heavy and sophisticated weapons was recovered from the residence of Malik Atta Ullah Jan Koki Khel while a Colonel of security forces identified as Atif and a soldier sustained injuries when dynamiting the residence of Muhammad Noor," he remarked. "Residences and Hujras of some tribal chiefs such as Malik Atta Ullah, Malik Ahmad Khan, Malik Khanzeb, Sher Shah, JI Khyber Agency leader Haji Najeeb Ullah and Haji Saleem, were blown up with dynamites. Gunship helicopters, tanks and artillery were taking part in the military operation against the militants and outlaws in Jamrud Tehsil," he claimed. Earlier morning on Wednesday, gunship helicopters pounded hujras of Malik Atta Ullah and Malik Khanzeb after which their residences were demolished with dynamites, excavators and bulldozers. The curfew remained imposed in Jamrud and the Pak Afghan highway was kept blocked for the general traffic on the second consecutive day, which caused problems to the general public. Nato supplies were suspended via Khyber Pass. Political Agent Khyber Agency Tariq Hayat made it crystal clear that the offensive would continue till complete elimination of miscreants and outlaws in Jamrud to secure the road and the public life. He said that writ of the government would be restored to maintain law and order in the Agency. Kidnappings for ransom, killings and hijacking the vehicles laden with Nato supplies on the main Pak-Afghan highway had become a routine business of the miscreants. He added that besides criminals and abductors 116 illegal Afghan refugees were also arrested, who would be deported soon to Afghanistan after thorough investigation. He said that due to the support of the local population the security forces in Jamrud Tehsil were facing no resistance. He said that the dwellers of the area were much worried due to the frequent kidnapping incidents, therefore it was mandatory for law enforcing agencies to launch Khyber Agency operation. Monitoring desk adds: A key transit link for NATO and US military supplies into Afghanistan is expected to reopen in the next two days, a Pakistani military official told CNN Wednesday. The supply routes in the Khyber Pass were closed on Tuesday after forces launched an operation against militants in the country's tribal regions, Pakistani military sources said. NATO and US military supplies were being rerouted, mostly airlifted, the sources said. The operation is an attempt to halt militant attacks on NATO supply trucks, and recent attacks on several girls' schools in the Khyber region. The US military praised Pakistan's operation. "We are pleased with the operation to clear out insurgent in the areas adjacent to the pass so our supplies can go unhindered," US forces in Afghanistan said in a released statement. "This temporary delay will result in the long-term gains for all that use that passage route. There is no immediate impact in our ability to provide supplies to the troops."