THE news that the All Pakistan CNG Association has threatened to close gas stations across the country following government's plan to raise the gas prices is another cloud on the horizon. The association is worried because the formula of increase would deal a severe blow to the industry and hit the masses hard. The argument that the prices of gas ought to be at par with those of petrol is fallacious since as against the locally produced 80 percent of petrol is imported. Moreover a main motive for the use of CNG, by virtue of its being environment friendly, is to reduce reliance on crude. Cheaper gas provides a big incentive for the public to turn to it. If the price increase is effected, it would reverse all that, let alone fuelling inflation that is already breaking all records. The CNG association's threat needs serious attention and reconsideration of the idea of jacking up the prices. With most the filling stations refusing to sell petrol to the public, closure of CNG pumps would have disastrous effects on the economy.