Criticism and propaganda go hand in hand. Both are being used as weapons to target stability of the ruling democratic government. Even the people in ruling party's home base are busy mudslinging against the government. If you look at government's performance, the drone attacks in Northern Areas as well as situation in the post-Marriott blasts have been handled deftly with the diplomatic skill required. The President and Prime Minister should have won appreciation for their fine management of the whole affair. Instead, the opposition has left no stone unturned to hurl criticism at them. The Mumbai attacks have also provided an opportunity for the spread of propaganda against the Pakistan government. Some quarters believe that our country has passed through the situation so smoothly without formulation of any strategy. This is a misconception. Our leaders have shown character and expertise in handling this crisis. They have ably performed the magical act of subtly negating the Indian attack while keeping the world on their side. -MAHA MASOOD, Lahore, December 29.