The federal government has approved a proposal of eight per cent increase in gas prices, which would be implemented from January 01, 2009, while the oil prices remained stable. According to Ministry of Petroleum, after a slight change in the summary of OGRA, Prime Minister on Wednesday evening has given approval to Sui Northern and Sui Southern Gas Pipelines to increase the gas prices. In this regard domestic and industrial users were divided into six different categories, according to which lowest increase with 3 per cent has been approved for industrial sector, while for the domestic consumers, who use gas up to 100 units, the gas prices have been increased up to 5 per cent. Similarly 5 per cent has been increased for the fertilizer producing factories, 10 per cent for CNG industry, Wapda 6 per cent, IPPs 17 per cent.Earlier, OGRA had sent a summary on November 21 2008 with a proposal of 7.7 percent increase in gas prices and 3 percent increase for Industrial sector with a purpose to increase the national production. The recent increase in gas prices for IPPs, CNG and industrial sector has increased the chances for possible increase in prices of CNG and electricity. The government has also decided to maintain the current prices of petroleum products for the next 15 days. According to a notification from OGRA, prices of petrol, diesel, kerosene oil and high-octane oil would be maintained till Jan 16, 2009.