KARACHI - The lack of coordination among Civil Defence, KESC and PTCL may cause total suspension of Siren System in case of any major mishap in the City. The siren system is vital to alert the citizens about the emergency situation and to prepare them to combat the critical situation, The Nation has learnt on Wednesday. Informed sources said that three phase of KESC and a junction of a pair is necessary on the PTCL lines for alarming the Sirens from the main control room of Civil Defence. If any one phase is went off and PTCL line is not operating then the Siren system will not work, and citizens would remain in dark if any mishap happened and department is not in the position to inform the citizens, inside sources disclosed. The sources further said that around 65 to 70 Sirens are to be operated from the control room, established in the defunct South's Civil Defence office located in Jubilee, adjacent to the provincial directorate of Civil Defence. When contacted to the Civil Defence additional director Ghulam Rasool Bhutto, he said that he had issued directives to the official concerned with the main control room to maintain and alarm the Siren system established in the South's Civil Defence office. Mr. Bhutto said that the Incharge control room of Siren system has been directed to maintain and get ready the system as soon as possible. He avoided to respond the other queries. He further added that various proposals and suggestions are being considered to activate the department properly. Inside sources in the South's Civil Defence office said that three days time has been given to maintain and get ready the Siren system for entire metropolis. The sources said that no one in the department is in the position to say how many Sirens are working and what are their position? As far as the coordination and communication among the Civil Defence, KESC, PTCL and other important departments has been made so far in this connection. When the correspondent contacted the Incharge of control room of Siren system Syed Asraruz- Zaman, who is also a deputy controller of Civil Defence South office, he declined to talk about the prevailing situation of the Siren System. He said that he has no permission to say anything to media related to the Civil Defence as it is a "confidential matter". "You know it is the matter of Civil Defence, how it would be made public", Zaman said. It is interesting to note that Civil Defence is a public serving department and its major responsibility is to inform and prepare the citizens to meet and combat the critical situations, what is confidential in this regard, the officials of Civil Defence know better. The sources mentioned that panic is erupted among the Civil Defence officials since the news appeared in section of press regarding its pathetic condition and do-nothing policies. The national press broke the stories about the Civil Defence department performance and its condition. Keeping in view the scenario created regarding the importance of this department after Mumbai mayhem and Indian aggression threats to Pakistan. The sources mentioned that overall Civil Defence department is passing through deteriorating situation. This condition of department is not only in Karachi city but in other parts of Sindh province it is more than worse. They said that non-gazetted staffers are running the affairs of the district offices of Civil Defence in various parts of Sindh. They said that some districts nearing the border areas with India are more important such as Umer Kot, Mithi and Mirpurkhas where no gazetted officers are present in the district offices of Civil Defence. They said that at least nine officers are sitting in Karachi city and they did not take any interest in the official work due to the overall pathetic condition of the department. Some of them could be sent to these officers to activate the department throughout the province. The provincial director Civil Defence Nuzhat Soomro was not available for comment despite repeated attempts.