KESC billed me last month for my residence Account No. 0707706450013 Consumer No. AL148880 for the month of November 2008, which was almost 2000 units in excess of the actual meter reading on the day this bill was received. My old father, the subscriber, went to KESC and got the usual advice which in simple words means pay now to avoid disconnection, the rest will be seen later. The bill was paid per force. Now in December 2008, another bill arrived showing the words 'N/A' in the space reserved for meter reading. This bill is also of an exorbitant amount. Why does it have the 'N/A' reading in the space reserved for meter reading? Because, no one came to read the meter. The KESC is, thus, swindling us not merely for the excessive units but also for the amount payable as sales tax, surcharge etc on those extra units. In the next 3-4 months, someone from KESC would take the pain to actually check our meter reading. An adjustment would be made at that point of time but no refund/adjustment will be made for taxes charged on the unconsumed 'excessive' units. -JAVED, Karachi, via e-mail, December 24.