KARACHI - The women political empowerment is being appreciated by the councilwomen of the City Council of CDGK, a brief survey conducted by The Nation, on Wednesday, revealed the fact. While speaking to The Nation, the Naib Nazim of CDGK, Nasreen Jaleel, who is also the convenor of City Council, said that women have been given a great representation in the local body. 33pc of the total representation given to the women has been done first time in the history of our country. Previously, this practice was not encouraged and women were given less support in the system. Today, women are not only present in the city council but have also developed courage to speak for their rights. "Councilwomen take part during the proceedings of the council and also use their right to accept or reject any decision taken by the council. They are now aware of their right, which is something positive and should sustain. Women should be encouraged to stand in the general election on common seats by their parties. This will also help them in their decision making ability," she further added. "The political empowerment bestowed upon the women in our country is a positive step towards women development," said Mehr-un-Nisa Baloch, woman councilor from Bin Qasim Town, member of opposition block Awam Doost group. "During last four years, the funds of Bin Qasim town were represented in the annual budget but we have received not even a single penny from that represented amount. We have no funds even to buy a lid for open main holes in the area. No school has been constructed in our town, along with that no constructive work in our area has been done during the last 4 years. We have protested in the council meetings and forwarded resolutions against this behavior but nothing has been done in this regard," she added. "The system is not satisfactory and need not to acknowledge in future. If we cannot speak for our rights than what is the use of such system?" asked Baloch. "The people who contested in the local body elections from this party, majority of them belong to middle class. We have no experience of any previous local body government," said Sarwat Arif Advocate of Haq parast group, woman councilor Sadder town. "After becoming part of this system, we got to know about different problems that have been faced by the public. Especially, this system has enhanced the knowledge and awareness among the women. This is for the first time that women in such large number entered into this system. Today, women know very well how to address their problems. It has been witnessed that people feel much relaxed while discussing their problems to their women councilor. Now, councilwomen have gained courage and know the way through which they can solve the problems of their areas. Different political parties have different perspective, by working together, we have shared our experiences and have learnt form it. This new system has created awareness among the women about their rights and it should be promoted. The social gap between the representation of men and women should be reduced. There is strong encouragement by the public regarding the representation of women in the system," she concluded. The political empowerment of women has increased the courage among this gender. It is for the first time that women have become part of decision making system," said by Dr. Nighat Shakeel, councilwoman of Liaqatabad town, belonged Haq parst group. "Out of 30 working committees, 6 committees have their chairperson, a woman. These women have come from grassroots level and have awareness of the problems faced by that section of society. They are now encouraged to participate in decision making," said Nighat. "During this period, much of the problems faced by the women left unaddressed. But the attempts have been made to provide awareness so the women can realize that where they should look for the solution of their problems," further added. "We are working to monitor the efforts to reduce polio cases at the city level. Some programs for the awareness of Aids and Dengue are also conducted. Awareness about breast cancer is also being given to the public and a special cancer clinic has also been set up in Abasi Shaheed Hospital, she added.