LAHORE - Community-based organisations (CBOs) working in salt range of Punjab for the protection of wildlife are carrying on their activities without any check as 50 percent share of holding the trophy hunting of Urial (deer) by the CBOs have allegedly caused a loss of US$0.18 million to the Punjab Wildlife and Park Department, sources revealed to TheNation. CBOs formed for protecting wildlife in salt range including Jehlum Chakwal, Mianwali and Khushab districts are working for the Punjab Wildlife Department. But they are also responsible for losses to the wildlife in their assigned areas to some extent because they are taking 50 percent share in money against the trophy hunting of Urial (deer), in which locals and foreigners pay the announced price for hunting of Urial. Wildlife officers said trophies were being held under the arrangements of the CBOs. The money against the trophies is being collected by the Punjab Wildlife Department through the CBOs, after which the department pay 50 percent share of total money back to them for payments and services of employees of the CBOs. Sources privy to the department revealed that some months ago, the department had issued a cheque of US$0.18 million as 50 percent share to a CBO working in Jehlum district. After some days, it replied to the department that the cheque was misplaced and another cheque with the same amount should be issued to the CBO for payment of 50 percent share. They claimed that Assistant Director of Punjab Wildlife and Parks Department, Riaz Ahmad issued the cheque again for the early payment to the CBO but after some days it was brought into the notice of the authority concerned that both the cheques were drawn by the CBO. On which secret departmental inquiry was also conducted after which the assistant director was also transferred from head office to Lahore Wildlife Park as punishment, sourced alleged. They further confided that an audit report had also forced the officers concerned to justify the twice issuance of 50 percent share of the trophy hunting to the CBO. The sources further alleged that a letter had been written to the FIA for the recovery of the amount which was double paid to Jehlum CBO through another cheque issued by the Punjab Wildlife and Parks Department's officer concerned. When contacted Punjab Wildlife and Parks Department Director General Dr Nasrullah, he said that the matter was under consideration and for the time being it could not be unfolded completely. While on the other hand wildlife officers working in the department also claimed on condition of anonymity that it should be checked properly that why such a severe dodge by the CBO in form of a heavy loss to the department had occurred.