ISLAMABAD (APP) - National Savings Schemes (NSS) has enhanced the rate of profit on NS Schemes w.e.f. January 1, 2011. A statement of the Directorate of National Savings issued here on Friday said that the Federal government has taken this initiative, in the wake of increasing trend in the interest rate scenario and in line with the policy of the government to offer competitive market-based rates to investors of National Savings Schemes . Giving the details of the rates, the NSS said that the rates for Special Savings Certificates, Regular Income Certificates and Defence Savings Certificates have been enhanced from existing 12.13pc, 12.36pc and 12.60pc to 13.33pc, 13.44pc and 13.55pc p.a. respectively. The profit rate of Savings Accounts has also been enhanced from 8.75pc to 9.00pc p.a., while the rates on schemes of Pensioners Benefit Accounts and Bahbood Savings Certificates have been enhanced from 14.64pc to 15.36pc in line with the policy of offering subsidised rates to specialised segment of the society. Following is the summary of NSS (National Savings Schemes)profit rates. Scheme Profit Rates(up to 31-12-2010) p.a Revised Profit Rates (w.e.f 01-01-2011) p.a. Pensioners Benefit Accounts 14.64 pc to 15.36pc Bahbood Savings Certificates 14.64pc to 15.36pc Special Savings Certificates Account 12.13pc 13.33pc Regular Income Certificates 12.36pc 13.44pc Defence Savings Certificates 12.60pc 13.55pc Savings Accounts 8.75pc 9.00pc.