The news of India acquiring a nuclear submarine from Russia has caused ripples of anxiety throughout the South Asian region. Costing a great deal, this Indian weapons procurement spree is quite disturbing. One only wonders why it is that New Delhi is spending so much money on armament, when it has millions of poverty stricken people dying daily of disease and hunger. Besides, when its neighbours Pakistan and others are only for peaceful coexistence through settlement of extraordinary issues like Kashmir, why such escalation? Pakistan's nuclear programme is to maintain minimum deterrence after New Delhi became a nuclear power and to maintain a balance of power in the region.

Broadly speaking the military-industrial complex run by men motivated by greed and greed only thrive because of conflicts and wars around the world. Ultimately, these people's gain would be endless chaos, blood and misery. The fascists and totalitarian regimes and their leaders like Mussolini and others would constantly chant hymns in praise of weapons and war equipment. For them tanks, guns, and fighter jets were art at its most beautiful. But the black hole of death and destruction in which they hurled the planet is also no secret from the world. The pristine waters of the Indian ocean, will be pristine no longer, quite soon. Further armament and further escalation between two nuclear armed countries is in the better interest of no one in the world. India unfortunately wants to tread the path of bullying and provocation. Kashmir is rightly called a heaven on earth, such is its scenic beauty; but it is guns, armed soldiers, mass graves, torture and cries of the oppressed that have turned the paradise into a horrific wilderness. The reign of terror unleashed by India has woken up intellectuals like Arundhati Roy to rebel against their country and call for its speedy resolution.

India can never make itself secure with the help of nuclear submarines or missiles. It has to come to terms with the reality that it must settle the core issue with Pakistan and learn to live as a peaceful neighbour.