This is in reference to letter of Engr. Khurshid Anwer (Nation 23rd Dec.).The author has rightly observed that Imran Khan on the subject of energy, only talks about Thar Coal. In fact Mr. Khan only knows of corruption and “Tsunami”. He is unable to comprehend the comparative cost of hydro and other sources of energy like thermal and nuclear, what are the allied benefits of dams like water storage, alleviation of floods, green energy etc., what is “carbon credit” and so on. To know all this, it needs “vision” which unfortunately is not there. Mr. Bhutto unfortunately rode such tsunami and swept away the country’s economy. It is but surprising why Nawaz Sharif who is an experienced businessman turned politician prefers to keep mum on this most important national project. He should not be scared of PPP’s “Sind card” and ANP’s “bomb threat” as both these political parties are crumbling under their own mis-governance and rampant corruption. ANP supports all dams in KP but opposes KBD because it is located in Punjab and can store the surplus water of Kabul, Swat, Indus, Haro and Soan rivers. Imran Khan is busy in wooing Sindhi nationalist parties who want a commitment to oppose KBD, a precondition to support Tehrik-e-Insaf. Is Imran Khan willing to compromise on this vital national project just to woo “tonga parties”? Why Punjabi voter should vote for such politicians who are not willing to safeguard the rights of Punjab?


Lahore, December 29.