As the nation buries the 21 Levies personnel murdered by the militants, President Zardari’s determination to fight terrorism till the struggle gets to its logical end augers a brave approach. Preparations for a military offensive are finally underway in response to miscreants’ continued murderous raids. They have been killing anyone they could lay their hands on, and with their thirst for blood intensifying by the hour, let there be no doubt that it is high time they were hunted down. Besides, efforts are needed to avert their brand of philosophy from taking root again. While the preparations are underway for the operation, it must not be ignored that the segment of society from where these elements derive their sympathy and funding are also flushed out. Since the Interior Ministry has been talking a lot about the non-state actors and foreign hand, timely intelligence operations would have to be carried out to sever its links with the local criminal groups. But alongside, the security apparatus has to be on watch for the reprisal attacks which might take the form of mass-casualty explosions in urban centres. Those who are slaying our soldiers and innocent people alike cannot get away with it. As the President affirmed, the menace has to be destroyed until the country is liberated from it.