A CHICKEN has saved a family from a house fire.

Dennis Murawska and his wife were woken early in the morning at their home in Alma Centre, Wisconsin, by their pet chicken Cluck Cluck. A fire had started in the garage and their smoke detectors failed to work.

At 6.15am on Monday morning, the couple fled the house before the fire reached them. Firefighters later saved the chicken, who had alerted its owners with loud clucking from its cage in the basement two floors below.

“The chicken gets quite vocal when she gets excited,” said Murawska. Chief fireman of Alama Centre said: “We are used to hearing about a dog or cat or something, but we never heard of a chicken waking up a resident for a fire, that’s pretty amazing.”

Cluck Cluck came from a nearby farm and began wandering over to Murawska’s house. His neighbour said he could kill it for meat because it had failed to produce eggs and had a mutated foot.                  –DS