December 24, 2012 can rightly be called as the golden day for the country as on this day President Asif Ali Zardari inaugurated a wind power project in Jhimpir, Thatta district, Sindh, which will be operational next month and produce 50MW. This project was started by the Fauji Fertilizer Company Energy Limited; the President commended their efforts for undertaking such an important project which the country badly needed.

What I would like to ask is, why did the government not think of this tried and tested method of generating electricity and completed the project much earlier, rather than sink billions of rupees in the coal project? Pakistan has been facing an acute power crisis for years and as such it should have explored all avenues of producing energy by alternative means.

Now at the end of the democratic era of five years we are crying over our closed industries. This reduced production has brought joblessness and also increased the price of these commodities as supply is lesser than demand. We have been complaining about this for the last four years. But the PPP, which boasts of being the most popular political party, paid little heed and failed to embark upon such projects earlier. I wish and pray that after making a landmark achievement of setting up a wind power project, the PPP would not hesitate to explore more such possibilities to steer Pakistan out of the many fold problems resulting from energy shortages that it is facing. If the PPP wants to do some good before its time is up and the people start heading towards the polling booths it should initiate more such projects.


Kuwait, December 25.