LAHORE – MIAN DAWOOD - The Lahore High Court administration has introduced Internet Browsing Policy (IBP), imposing restrictions on the net surfing without permission.

Justice Mansoor Ali Shah, the LHC Information Technology (IT) admin judge, has imposed the ban to avoid misuse of the internet. Under the policy, the officials have to get permission for the purpose and the users must be registered. “Officials desirous of using the internet would apply on a prescribed form with justification for permission,” the policy added.

 “Internet connections will be provided for only bonafide official use and any misuse/abuse of the services such as browsing of websites directly or through proxies of audio/video streaming, entertainment, online gaming/gambling, pornographic, social networking and others will entail disciplinary actions against the users,” the policy read, adding action would also be taken against supervisory staff over  negligence. No users would be permitted the use of USB, EVO, private CDs, DVDs while taking out any hardware and software data would also not be allowed.