LAHORE – Residents, especially youngsters, brave cold to celebrate the New Year night late Monday.

A good number of motorcyclists raced up to The Mall from where they went round of noted squares of the city.

In various squares, youngsters stopped their vehicles and started dancing at 12am. Gunshots were also heard from various areas of the city. Reportedly, police baton-charged the cheering people at Liberty Chowk. Police also confiscated dozens of vehicles.

In his message on the eve of New Year, PML-N President Nawaz Sharif stressed  the need for concerted efforts to meet challenges confronting the country.

He said holding transparent elections will be the best gift of the New Year.  Nawaz said fair  and timely general elections were a must to bring prosperity to the country.

He said the people are determined to have the elections on time and the PML-N too, considers them  vital for the future of the country.

He said in a democratic polity, free and fair elections guarantee a ‘positive’ change and stability of the country.  He asked the nation to reiterated resolve for peaceful society.