The description of Bilawal Zardari as the next king on the horizon in a section of the press betrays a nostalgia with the worn out kingship of bygone days of Moghal empire or is it the English kings and emperors that we miss? This is certainly in bad taste since democracy has dawned in Pakistan, the very idea of displaying our democratic rulers as kings and queens feeds the wrong idea to the population that Pakistan, born out of an epic struggle by the Muslims of the sub-continent under the historic leadership of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, is to have kings now in the 21st century.

This shows that we have not shed the shackles of slavery of such English Emperors like George the 5th who called himself King of England and Emperor of India. We ought to move away from the shadows of ‘Zilli Illahis’ that adorned the titles of Moghal kings and move into the glorious periods of democratic rule

Some press members seem to be taken in by the young Bilawal’s charm, our press must be people oriented rather than personality worshippers. The drama of life operates on a much broader screen rather than the generals in decorated uniforms or civilian dictators who pose as ‘gurus’ of politics but are incapable of improving the lot of poor masses. The people’s needs have moved further than ‘Roti Kapra and Maqaan’, they now also need shoes, clean water, basic education as well as basic health care and social justice. The ‘Welfare State’ concept of Islam needs to be observed at all times instead of encouraging rulers to become kings and the people as down trodden subjects being mired in sloth and hunger.


Lahore, December 29.