A report published in this paper that the evening outdoor department  (OPD) in city’s hospitals have run into serious hurdles such as lack of equipment, medicine and an acute shortage of doctors is quite worrisome. It appears that the initiative started with the hope of providing succour to the ordinary public is being administered in a haphazard manner. There ought to be someone to oversee the quality of service being rendered. That this is happening right under the provincial setup’s nose where the health facilities are normally expected to be satisfactory is even more depressing. It has been pointed out that some of the doctors are in the habit of missing their shifts inflicting further pain and hassle on the patients. Where their own conscience is concerned, it is sad that some doctors tend to shirk work; they could go up in arms in order to have their salaries and perks raised but not so when it comes to dispensing their job sincerely. The provincial setup’s duty is to run the healthcare system as well as making it within the reach of every class; as these facts tell us, the poor people which need the government-run hospitals most direly, are left in the lurch. Not everyone can see a doctor at private clinic where the fee could be so high that it almost seems like a legal theft. The public hospitals, the common patients’ last hope, have to be transformed into places that can be trusted.