The general voice of any Pakistani today would echo that the mainstream political parties in Pakistan have failed in their attempt to provide the most basic needs of the common people. To date, there are several issues such as corruption scandals, a depreciated rupee, massive power cuts, and widened gaps between the rich and poor looming the country. However, let’s not kid ourselves; this situation cannot last any longer and will inevitably have to reach its end. How? The answer is simple – the youth.

According to the UNDP’s report, 103 million Pakistanis, or 63 percent of the total population, are under the age of 25. If these numbers are engaged in the political/ electoral process effectively, the Pakistani Youth can become the driving force behind reversing the situation. Let’s be clear, Imran Khan’s success in rousing this voting bloc, the youth have become a formidable political force to be reckoned with. In the aftermath, each political party is now trying to earn that landslide victory by targeting this group. However, the question still remains: how will the youth respond to this enigma?

We were led to believe that Pakistan’s young people are increasingly patriotic, social conscious, and globally oriented, and the person or political party that can play to these qualities and win over this covered bloc will shape politics in the region for years to come. With well-directed funding of youth education, grassroots organization and the involvement of youth in the electoral process can help the country’s young people steer the country toward prosperity. All political parties should give maximum tickets to youth.


Lahore, December 30.