To ensure the implementation of our National Action Plan to counter terrorism, the government has formed a 15 member committee. The Prime Minister has in fact taken it upon himself to head the umbrella committee that will supervise the overall implementation of the plan. The committee will deal with militants, hate speech, proscribed organisations, counter terrorism, religious persecution, Madrassa, terror on the internet, Karachi, Punjab, sectarianism, Afghan refugees, terror financing, media curbs, FATA reforms and IDP’s return, and justice system reforms.

The Prime Minister also emphasised the need for seamless coordination between law enforcement agencies, as well as provincial and federal governments, to achieve optimal results as quickly as possible. He also ordered the activation of National Counterterrorism Authority (NACTA) as it has to play its part in the ongoing war on terror. The government seems to be working hard and trying to find solutions to the twin problems of terrorism and extremism. Let’s hope our years of complacency fall behind and we now look to achieve positive ends.


Lahore, December 30.