It is important to stress government. The standard observation that the United States stood almost alone in rejecting the

Kyoto protocols is correct only if the phrase ‘Unites States’ excludes its population, which strongly favors the Kyoto pact.

–Noam Chomsky, Failed States, 2006.

As much as we want to argue that the government is a representative of the people and is run only because of the will of the people, vested elite interests always hijack democracy. Where it involves ac country dealing with corruption, terrorism, or climate changes, the policy is made for the few, not the many. In the case of the Kyoto protocol, that the biggest carbon emitting countries like the US and China did not ratify- it is industrial greed and corporate interests that have structured environmental policy. National and international problems thus become unresolvable, as elites refuse to let their profit margins fall. Chomsky is correct in arguing that most people in the US would be compliant with the lifestyle changes that are required for ensuring a better future environment- but the government is in the way of progress.