Within 4 months of the finance budget being passed, our financial wizards have conveniently chosen to announce yet another mini budget imposing regulatory duties and indirect taxes of Rs 40 Billion. This reflects lack of competence, professionalism and capacity of those who gave this budget for a year, only to realize after first quarter that they cannot meet revenue targets.

It is willful contempt for parliament where the finance minister presented the budget for whole year. If the FBR is not willing to collect taxes and Customs are hand in glove with those involved in rampant smuggling, than buck stops either on Finance Minister’s table or PM office. The whole Pakistani nation witnessed manner in which a model, part of an organized gang involved in currency smuggling and money laundering for powerful corrupt elite has been facilitated by weak friendly prosecution, ignoring unfortunate murder of the custom Inspector who was present when she was caught red handed and whole scene captured on surveillance cameras installed in VIP Lounge which she was not entitled to use. Everybody had sympathy with glamorous model currency smuggler, who lives in expensive apartments in Dubai and Karachi, pays nominal tax, but was treated as if she were a damsel in distress. When State itself is not willing to collect direct income tax from traders, nor stop smuggling by imposing exemplary heavy punishment on offenders, then deficit in tax collection is foregone conclusion.


Lahore, December 2.