In these days studying is considered as a trouble by majority of young students, as they only want to enjoy their lives and consider study to be unimportant. Our younger generation has taken everything for granted and do not hold high value for education in their minds.

Whenever the time comes to study, a student’s mood sinks down and all the energy vanishes. This results in more time being consumed in learning that work due to lesser concentration. This issue needs to be addressed by parents and teachers in a productive manner, not simply forcing their children to more hours of studying or getting tuition after schools.

There should be some counseling in a way that explains to children that studying is one of the natural things to do in this world, as education makes a man, so can the lack of education break a man. They should be told that if studying is compulsory and necessary then why not do it with an enthusiasm similar to playing sports or performing some other activities and hobbies.


Islamabad, December 2.