SIALKOT-The Pasrur-based potters have urged the government to take steps for the survival of the century-old pottery industry.

About 30km away from Sialkot, the Pasrur city is famous for pottery especially cooking pots like “Haandi” (cauldron) which is used for cooking in big hotels and restaurants especially in homes.

Pasrur is native city of Federal Minister for Law and Climate Change Zahid Hamid. Talking to the newsmen at Pasrur, the clay pots makers said that the pottery industry is famous but it could not be improved due to some unknown reasons.

A large number of small pottery units function on roadsides of Pasrur and most of vendors work at their homes for earning a living.

They said that there was a great need of establishment of ‘Mini Industrial Estate’ in Pasrur city. They also demanded early provision of basic facilities under one roof for flourishing the pottery industry.

They also asked the government for developing the industry on modern and scientific lines, as the units were with the old traditional techniques in Pasrur. They added that the artisans engaged in pottery are capable of improving the standard and quality in accordance with international standard.

They also urged the government to take immediate steps for its survival and resolution of multifarious problems being faced by it. They added that due to the lack of government patronage, the pottery industry is taking its last breath because many units have been closed down due to the lack of incentives, the government’s support and longstanding unresolved problems being faced by the industry.

Bashir Ahmed (86), a clay pots maker, said that more than a century old clay pottery industry of Pasrur is suffering great crisis due to which its advancement and growth have stopped while the departments concerned are playing the role of silent spectators.

He said that the clay pots still retain significance in the era of modern technology. Pasrur city is hub of clay pots especially Haandies and Chajjar, said Maqsudul Husnain. Some local potters said that now the trend of the people especially living in the urban areas was changing towards the use of the clay- pots. They said that the taste of the meals cooked in Haandies is better than the meals cooked in metal pots.

Some local people and notables including Maqsudul Husnain, Rana Muhammad Akram, Mehmood Butt Bablu, Arif Mehmood Sheikh, Abid Mehmood, Ehsan Gillani, Naseer Ahmed, Khurram Shehzad and Khalid Mehmood said that almost every house in the rural and even urban areas has the Chajjar (pitcher) and Haandy.

Some local artisans have also introduced attractive and fascinating water coolers, giving an advanced shape to the decades-old art.

They said that the clay pots with the colourful designs fascinate buyers, adding that the time has returned back and the people are also giving preference to clay pots in the modern era. The artisans urged the government to patronise and encourage them at every level to boom up the industry.