SADIQABAD-PPP leader accused the ruling party of horse-trading in recent elections conducted to the top slots of district council and the tehsil municipal committees in RY Khan.

Talking to media, PPP South Punjab president Syed Ahmed Mehmood said that the PML-N used state machinery and resources to buy PPP chairmen loyalties to win elections. “Soon, we will find out the culprits who sold their loyalty for money and bring them in front of the public,” he pledged, adding the alleged rigging carried out in the elections will also be unveiled. He claimed the RY Khan people are aware of the facts and want accountability of traitors in the party. He also expressed his optimism, saying the party will sweep the next general elections in RY Khan and will spoil all conspiracies of its political rivals.

SUCCESS LINKED TO PROPHET’S TEACHINGS: The only way to glory is strict adherence to the teachings of Islam through which the Islamic golden age can be revived.

Renowned religious scholar Makhdoom Owais Ali Chishti stated while addressing a Mehfil-e-Milad held in Roshan Bheet here the other day.

The holy Prophet (SAWW) was the greatest reformer and messenger who advised us to gain knowledge to understand and follow the teachings of Islam in true spirit which, he termed, the key to be successful in life and hereafter.

Na’ats and different Nasheeds were recited at the Milad ceremony. The ceremony concluded with prayers for development of the country.