MANDI BAHAUDDIN-Prolonged power loadshedding continued in the rural areas has been causing huge loss to the local farmers as the crops are without irrigation.

Younis Shahid, a resident of Miana Gondal, while talking to media said in rural areas suffered power loadshedding the whole day and despite complaints, the Gepco officials are paying no heed to the issue.

As a result, crops are getting dry due to lack of water. The farmers demand uninterrupted supply of electricity for increasing agriculture produce like industrialists for whom there is no loadshedding, he said.

ROAD ACCIDENTS: A women died while his husband was seriously injured in road accident. Nasar Iqbal resident of Miana Gondal along with his wife were going on Motorcycle. When they reached near Adda Chak 26, a dumper vehicle hit their motorcycle while taking turn. The woman died on the spot while Nasar Iqbal was wounded seriously. He was evacuated to Sargodha DHQ hospital.

Meanwhile in another accident near Miana Gondal a woman died on the spot while two persons were seriously injured. They were moved to RHC Miana Gondal from where they were transferred to DHQ Sargodha for medical treatment.