Organisations which do follow ethic laws can take valuable feedback from employees. They can further enhance the performance of a company by promoting the culture of socialisation in the work place. This provides a good chance for them to reflect on how employees view the organisation overall. 

Employees are incentivised to perform at their best at all times as it helps the organisation achieve its strategic objectives morally and stay ahead of their rival at all times. A good organisation is continually monitored, so that timely feedback can be given. Employees who are performing should be given appreciation, while those that are falling behind should be motivated to deliver more. Ethical behaviour also lays importance on enhancing the capabilities of its existing resources, so that they achieve greater results. 

As an employer, one should look to get valuable feedback from others as it improves productivity. Learning styles can be improved by making them realise the importance of note taking and regularly revising what they have learned. Every employee has a different learning style and the management should adjust itself towards the needs of the individual. Based on their preferences, a tailor made learning solution should be followed for all the individuals. 


Karachi, November 12.