WASHINGTON: Adding an edit button for users to fix spelling and grammar errors was the most-requested feature of the responses to Twitter as to what’s the most important thing users want to see from the social-media service, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal.

The CEO of the Twitter Inc, Jack Dorsey, spent more than six hours on Thursday tweeting to millions of users for ideas about what they hope to see from the social-media service. Users responded to it in thousands.

Users came back with thousands of replies. Mr Dorsey responded to some of the concerns expressed, sharing company’s plans and promised to pay a more active role in engineering and design decisions at Twitter.

The social-media service, among other things, is studying ways to improve search and organise a user’s timeline of tweets by topic.

The year 2016 has been a disappointment for the social-media service which saw several of its top executives leaving amid a scuttled potential acquisition and growing concern over its policies.

Twitter’s stocks were down by 29 per cent this year.

Failure to make radical product changes has apparently frustrated users and limited its appeal.

But despite all the problems it faced, Twitter’s relevance has gained currency, thanks to American President-elect Donald Trump who has been a frequent user of the service, venting out his thoughts on issues ranging from foreign policy to entertainment.

According to the report, Dorsey didn’t reply to concerns about Trump’s presence on the platform.

“Users expressed worries that an edit tool would allow powerful people like Mr Trump to alter the public record. Some users called for imposing a short time limit to edit simple mistakes,” the report said.

Twitter’s CEO has acknowledged these worries, saying anything beyond a fix would ‘need to show revision history’, a practice being followed by Facebook Inc. Users of the Facebook can edit posts but all previous posts are preserves though not displayed.

Users also expressed their displeasure over how Twitter handles issues of harassment, saying that policies are applied in varying degree as a result of which many apparently abusive posts continue to be displayed in violation of service’s content rules.

The Twitter CEO promised to be more ‘consistent and transparent’ saying that the social-media service is working to be transparent and real-time about its methods. He plans to continue with his Q&A approach to know people’s responses.