The dawn of the New Year is associated with ideas of new beginnings and change; it is perhaps in this spirit of hope that change in the tight security system of Karachi is allowed, and security is being relatively relaxed this year for New Year’s Eve.

It is good news for Karachi party-goers; Sindh Chief Minister (CM) Murad Ali Shah announced that all roads in Karachi, including those leading to Seaview, will remain open on New Year’s Eve. Previously, Seaview, the city of lights’ most popular recreational spot, was reported to be blocked with containers for security reasons, which Sindh Home Minister Sohail Anwar Siyal ordered to be removed for easy flow of traffic.

On one hand, this news shows government official trusting the citizens of Karachi, and reducing limitations on a country, which is already so recreational-less for the youth. The Sindh CM praised that the citizens of Karachi were responsible and expressed hope that youngsters would not create problems, a message that can be uplifting to a demoralised population.

However, being lax on security can be worrying, especially considering a report issued by Karachi police, which estimates that more than 562 people lost their lives in different incidents, including targeted killings and blasts, in the metropolis during 2,017. The ease of access of weaponry remains a huge issue in the city, as 6386 weapons were seized during search operations throughout the city. How much blocking roads and containers contribute to security remains another debate.

It is conflicting to see how much the removing of containers, and opening the blockade of roads will ease the flow of traffic in the city; the roads in Karachi will still be overrun with security, rangers and checking of cars. Rest assured, going out on New Year’s will still be a hassle, and a warm evening at home seems a more desirable activity.