It is understandable to see someone taking a quixotic step in the times of despair. The act of Palestinian Ambassador to Pakistan, Walid Abu Ali, can be justified using the above-stated argument when he shared the stage with Jama’at-u-Dawah’s (JuD) chief, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed. However, the Palestinian president recalled the envoy from Pakistan as soon as India protested the move of Palestinian diplomat. The subsequent action of the Palestinian President based on political pragmatism reveals that Palestinian authority does not want to lose India’s support in the arena of international politics.

Is there anything to learn that the establishment and government of Pakistan can from the step taken by the Palestinian authorities? Indeed, our government can learn a great deal. Pragmatisms and realist approach towards how things work is the first thing that Islamabad can learn. Moreover, the action of the Palestinian authorities also suggests that arena of international relations and politics does not provide any space to wishful thinking despite the fact that the rally of JuD was organized to show solidarity with the Palestinians. Despite the fact that Trump has called East Jerusalem part of Isreal, Palestinian authorities still see a possibility of reversing the Trump’s decision through lobbying and developing a consensus among other nations to refrain Trump’s administration from shifting the US embassy to Jerusalem. Also, the Palestinian authorities do not equate the actions of the US and Israel with those of India.

While the United Nation has already proscribed Hafiz Saeed, the failure of Pakistan’s government to comply with the International law and institutions is isolating the country. It is because of Islamabad’s inability to conform to the words and decisions of the United Nations that the state is losing its allies on Kashmir and other vital issues one by one.

It is needless to stress upon the fact that mere rhetoric on Kashmir or Palestine that the JuD is expert in will never bring a solution to these issues. Relying on finding a solution for or winning Kashmir through non-state actors is nothing but wishful thinking. Instead, diplomacy and dialogue on Kashmir will help Pakistan in achieving its aims for Kashmir. Islamabad has already lost a significant number of sympathizers in the global community, which in the past were supportive of Pakistan’s stance over Kashmir. The country cannot bear any more isolation in the area of international politics and relations. Our leaders and authorities need to learn from the recent measures of Palestinian authorities of how not to lose one’s allies.