Smoking among youth is an issue that affects countries worldwide. While its negative health behaviour may vary across different nations. Different researches have shown that there are certain personal factors behind the high use of tobacco among youth. Age has been identified as a risk factor for youngsters. That is why the older people have high age factor than today’s youth. In terms of gender, males smoke more cigarettes per day than the females. There may be a psychosocial factor behind this bad habit. People who engage in criminal activities are more likely to smoke. The time span in which a child is exposed to parental smoking has also been associated with increased likelihood of becoming a smoker. Most of the youngsters who smoke are of 12 – 19 years old, and 52% are chain smokers. Hence, there should be strick laws against this kind of act. And anti-smoking campaigns should be promoted. The best way to stop this is to start eye-catching television advertisement.


Karachi, December 20.