New York-Was there ever a better match between performer and venue than Lady Gaga and Las Vegas? The 21st Century's most OTT pop star, taking up residency in a city with all the nuance of a pink Doberman running through a field of saucepans.

As you might imagine, Gaga's Enigma show at the Park MGM didn't disappoint when it opened this weekend.

She literally flew onto the stage, trussed up in a harness while playing Just Dance on a keytar; and later performed Scheiße from the top of a giant spider-robot. The show is themed around Gaga's quest to discover her true self, aided by an animated spirit guide, Enigma, who's projected onto screens at the back of the stage.

But while the songs find the star battling emotional and personal demons, the stage show puts her in alien landscapes, floating egg-shaped escape pods and a series of increasingly uncomfortable-looking unitards.

"The best moments are the ones that feel improvised," said Rolling Stone in its review. "Like when she ad libs during You and I, singing the line, 'Been a long time but I'm back in town' before adding, 'And I'm stickin' around for two whole years. Three if I'm lucky!'"

Dave Grohl, Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom, Jeremy Renner, Marisa Tomei and Adam Lambert all checked out the opening night on Friday, while Celine Dion attended the second show on Sunday - and if her reaction to The Edge of Glory is any sort of barometer, the show was a massive success.

"Enigma is Gaga's way of sharing an epiphany that we can only assume she's recently experienced and strove to manifest creatively. At some point, Gaga lost who she was - whether by her own fault, or the machine around her, is only for her to say - but Enigma serves as her way of affirming that she's never been more secure in who she is.

"Her way of showing us is bizarre and beautiful, but Lady Gaga has always spoken in theatre and spectacle - and in her stunning Las Vegas debut, her vocabulary has found a perfect home."