Dissenting voices are the beauty of a civilized society; these must not be curbed but be borne with utter patience and courage. These are natural harbinger of an inevitable change. Dissenting voices make a positive mind endeavour to make his conscience alive to the truth of these facts. Lament to the intakes of those who feel the voice of conscience as baneful and pernicious to their interests as well as to the societal structure. Journalism is a blessing for a sensitive living. To express oneself is the inherent right of a person living in a well-mannered society. Articulation of one’s inner skills, rhetoric narration of the spell of thoughts, is a trait of a vibrant society. If a society is not well equipped with intellectuals it cannot be termed as society but a horde of persons. Discussions on certain subjects signals the augmentation of intellect and wisdom. To remain tight lipped and withhold the natural expression of one’s thoughts dennote a stagnant society we learn from books and our experience, being a witness of flow of events and their outcomes but unless we don’t dilate on a subject or assignment one cannot be aware of the fact, in which way think and to which extent we are right or wrong.

During the passage of life every human being imbibes thoughts and actions being underway in the country. Let the astute minds to portray its policies in vibrant debates. Debates are not volcano’s which would let the country set ablaze –discussions always clarify the right and wrong aspects of issues and bring forth to the nation the implications of Government decisions. The ongoing life has become s complex as to have hundreds and thousands aspects.

The journalism and journalists have undergone a trail of turmoils and assassination attempts by those having pyramids of illegally accumulated wealth by successive annihilating expeditions on the country’s exchequer. Those big-wigs of ill-gotten wealth don’t want to let any journalist to discuss the sources of their wealth because they are well aware that straightforward debates regarding their sources of ill-gotten wealth will open the flood-gates of incursions upon their existence.

Constitutions of civilized countries bestow its citizens with some certain basic human rights, which cannot be trespassed, abrogated or suspended for even a shortest time. The abrogation of these bestowed basic human rights mean the utter chaos in the country and that era is like a stagnant pond creating and airing baneful odour. Journalism is like a working rudder to steer the ship of the country to the right drift. Journalism in Pakistan has contributed greatly to the growth and sprouting the mannerism of civil society. There are numerous attacks on journalism and journalists to make them refrain from exposure of the wrong deeds of those at the helm of affairs, decision makers and their cronies as well as the big-wigs of the mafias. Journalism is a mirror through which one is to see ones face. Positive journalism is like a precious ornament to a bride. If the spell of events goes without comments it refers to a morbid mind and senseless state. If the government is sincere in its efforts to deliver to the nation it will have to let the intellectuals to deliver through speech and their experiments of life and the best exposure of their skills of profession.

Those who have a pen between their fingers have undergone and are still in worsened situation, put in that by policy makers. Pen holders have no security of life, even their jobs are at stake. Since the inception of movement for a separate homeland till the incarnation of the dream of Pakistan, journalists are contributing greatly-despite the low remuneration and incentives by the state to the flourishing, aggrandisement and prosperity of the nation, to make it be at the highest ebb of glorification. A free and progressive society, embellished with high ethics and norms, is the need of the hour in Pakistan and to attain this goal the journalism is required to be un-manacled and be managed to be placed at the highest esteem instead of putting in the doldrums. The state should create congenial atmosphere for the professional working of the journalists and endeavour hard to devise policies for the uplift of journalism and journalists. Furthermore the security of the journalists be ensured by the state to disentangle them of the atmosphere of being their liberty and life at risk

Malik Muhammad Aslam Awan

The writer is a freelance columnist and independent analyst based in Lahore.

E-mail: mlkaslamawan