Now a days scrolling social media gives you mini heart attacks day by day. It is undoubtedly an embarrassing subject to talk upon but increasing rate of crime enforces me to write upon an issue which has seldom been highlighted but comes across every single day.

A decade back we used to get news mostly from neighbouring country as many of girls are victims of rape and killed, But irony is lust of our society gets far disgustingly dirty as put adults aside ,even little innocent girls are not safe .Last week just heard a news of 5 years old girl from mansehra got raped and killed her dead body recovered after 2 days from well as she was alive but died after getting hospatalized. I didn’t even get out from melancholy of that shock when today I read about 7 years old Sidra was taken out from her bed by his uncle who raped and killed her.

After Zainab case, despite of taking action on this vicious acts, This filth is getting more common these days and irony is that major target now a days are young girls as they are not safe in there own houses and can’t defend themselves. In Saudi Arabia there is no such education for childrens to defend themselves from such a horrendous act but fear of punishment retreats people to do such things. There must be implications for punishment of culprits in Pakistan so society may get rid of such kind of lechery acts.