ISLAMABAD (STAFF REPORTER): The government has increased the price of indigenous liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for domestic consumers by Rs277.79 (18.61 percent) per 11.8 kg cylinder for January 2020. As per the notification issued by Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), the price of indigenous LPG has been increased to Rs1,791.48 per cylinder from Rs1,513.69 per cylinder. The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) notified the new prices, under which the LPG price has been increased by 23.54 per kg to Rs151.82 per kg. For December 2019, OGRA had notified LPG price at Rs128.27/kg or Rs1,513.69 per 11.8 kg cylinder. The producers’ price of LPG (propane 40 percent and butane 60 percent) has been determined at 90,092.65, compared with 69,971.31/ton in December 2019. This price included excise duty of Rs85 per ton, while excluding the petroleum levy. Under this head, the producer price of Rs1063.09 per 11.8kg cylinder has been worked out. Marketing/distribution margin has been set at Rs35,000 per ton or Rs413 per cylinder, a petroleum levy of Rs4,669 per ton would also be charged, which would translate into Rs55.09/cylinder. Prior to the imposition of general sales tax (GST), the consumer price would be Rs129,761.65 per ton, compared with Rs109,640.3 per ton in December, while the price of 11.8kg cylinder is Rs1,531.18. Additionally, a GST of 17 percent on Rs129,761.65 per ton would be Rs22,059.48or Rs260.30 for a cylinder. The final consumer price per ton would be Rs151,821.13 per ton or Rs1,791.48 per cylinder. Since July 2019, LPG price is hovering between Rs1,327.76 and 1,513.69 per cylinder. In July 2019, the government notified LPG price at Rs1,330.92 cylinder, August Rs1,350.03, September 1,327.76, October Rs1,475.63, November 1,495.86, December Rs1,513.69 and now for January 2020, the government has determined it at Rs1,791.48 per cylinder. The new prices would come into effect from January 1.

Gas supply to general industry restored

LAHORE (APP): Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited (SNGPL) has announced that gas supply to general industry has been restored despite severe weather conditions. The SNGPL had successfully managed to mitigate the gas crisis, said a press release issued here on Tuesday. Currently, domestic sector consumption has reached approximately 1263 MMCFD owing to change in climate and extreme weather conditions. Last year, average consumption of domestic sector during December remained 831 MMCFD only. The SNGPL combated the sharp increase in demand by diverting record RLNG to domestic consumers. The SNGPL had provided more than three times the LNG to domestic consumers this December compared to last year that was why the system had stabilized and industry was being opened. Reconnection of CNG sector in Punjab would be carried out following the resumption of supplies to non zero rated industrial sector in Punjab, it said.