This previous decade proved a rollercoaster ride for Pakistani state. The state found itself in a myriad of crises in virtually every sphere of life. But despite all the challenges, the country is there. Let us welcome the new decade of the twenty-first century with solemn pledge of taking the country to the new heights of achievements when this decade gives way to another. A decade with a vision is a good enough time to put any country on the path of progress. However, before anything else, introspection on the losses and gains of the previous decade is essential.

Right after the United States (US) invaded Afghanistan in 2001, Pakistan could not remain immune from the spillover effects of the war. Pakistan and its people suffered enormously both physically and financially from the war. But the resilience that the Pakistani nation, in general, and its law enforcement, in particular, showed, the people are finally enjoying peace. The long-cherished peace has come to the cities and towns of Pakistan, but it exacted a heavy toll from the state and its citizen.

However, Pakistan suffered from some political earthquakes in the previous decade. As a result, the dream of Pakistan as a vibrant democracy is yet to come true. State institutions, while, interfering in each other domains further corroded the idea of separation of power that is of cardinal value to any state’s survival. Some organs of the state took it upon themselves to make corrections to the longstanding problems. Whether it was sending elected Prime Minister (PMs) to home over corruption charges, or building dam funds or some political intrigues against an elected government, all such gimmicks harmed the political culture.

Furthermore, if the economic progress of the country is gauged, it was unsatisfactory. Instead of bringing the necessary reforms, the past governments relied on populist tactics and policies to remain in power. However, such myopic economic policies neither succeeded in perpetuating the rule of any government. Reliance on economic populism has inflicted miseries on people, which are unprecedented. Thankfully, the present government realised that it had no other option but to adopt some strict policies for the economic recovery of the country.

We haven’t performed brilliantly on every front, though the country showed resilience. If Pakistan wants to turn the tide of the events in forthcoming years, it will have to come up with an all-encompassing vision for the next decade. Such a vision will decide the future of the country.