KARACHI           -          Additional Inspector General of Police (IGP) Karachi Ghulam Nabi Memon Tuesday informed that 30 alleged criminals were killed while 866 arrested in 266 encounters with police during the year 2019 in the metropolis. 

This he stated in police performance report for 2019. As per report, 19,045 other criminals and terrorists who were involved in heinous offences were also arrested during the period. “As many as 234 bombs, 61 kalashnikovs, 84 rifles and over 7,000 other weapons were also recovered from possession of the arrested accused,” he added.

Memon said that a successful drive against Gutka, Mawa and Mainpuri was carried out throughout the year in the city resulting in seizure of over 114 factories of and the arrest of 4,520 persons involved in this illegal business. He added that a special drive was being carried out against drugs paddlers and addicts.

“During last two months, 2,898 narcotics addicts were taken into custody and sent to jail or any rehabilitation centers,” he added. Memon was of the view that human resources as well as transport were provided to police Madadghar Helpline ‘15’s in order to improve the department’s emergency response. He said the average response time is now 12 and half minutes which used to be over 20 minutes few months ago. “In this regard Security and Emergency Response division has also been established in Karachi police which is helping improving the department’s response,” said the city police chief.

Memon went on to say that in the absence of safe city project, Karachi police has decided to encourage the general public to install Close Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras at their places. He said they were in talks with all stakeholders to install CCTV cameras at important places of the city.

The city police chief vowed that a target of 10,000 cameras’ installation at important spots of the metropolis would be achieved in next six months to ensure safety of lives and proprieties of the citizens.

Memon informed that in last three months, the reduction was witnessed in street crimes in ‘almost all heads’ especially motorcycle snatching which he said reduced to 20 per cent. “Heinous offences like robbery with murder is also reduced to 30 per cent in the city, however, the ratio of murders due to personal enmity is slightly higher in comparison to last year. Average murders per day are now 1.3 which is far less than 2013 when it was eight murders daily,” he added.