LOS ANGELES-Rihanna has hailed Fenty’s deputy creative director Jahleel Weaver as like ‘’family’’.

The ‘Work’ hitmaker’s long-time stylist and collaborator has shared that he and the Grammy-winner speak ‘’almost every day’’ in their collaboration for Rihanna’s fashion empire, whilst the singer has said she shares a special bond with her ‘’right hand’’. Jahleel said: ‘’We talk almost every day.

‘’I feel I’m her little brother.’’ Whilst Rihanna added to The New York Times: ‘’Creatively, he is my right hand, but at the same time, it’s as if we’re family.’’

The stylist - who met Rihanna in 2011 - recently spilled that working with the ‘Diamonds’ singer is ‘’challenging in the best ways possible’’. He explained: ‘’Ri is unlike anyone I’ve ever met and anyone I’ve ever worked with.

‘’She has so much to say and so many different vehicles for expression, that the possibilities seem endless. ‘’She really pushes me to think beyond what’s directly in front of me.’’

He added that Rihanna aims to make her customers ‘’feel beautiful and recognised’’ no matter what their ‘’shape, size or colour’’ with all of her products.