LOS ANGELES -Usher has ‘’grown’’ over the past decade. The ‘My Boo’ hitmaker has been releasing studio albums since 1994, and as he prepares to welcome in the start of a new decade on New Year’s Day, he has reflected on the last 10 years of his music career. Usher says the past decade has ‘’represented growth’’ for him as an artist, and explained that he’s been able to ‘’expand [his] reach through music’’ as he’s had the chance to explore different genres and styles. He said: ‘’This decade has represented growth for me. For the most part, the design of [the past two] decades have continued to really work for me to expand my reach through music. ‘’Also, too, just as a human being that wants to make music that connects the world, and expand R&B, and all of the rhythm and blues that has come through my own personal experiences that I chose to write about. Or the places that I’ve gone that kind of introduced other genres - and even though they were other genres of music, I still had the soul in it.

Just really happy to continue to knock down these decades and start a new one.’’

The ‘Yeah!’ singer is working on a new album that will be released in 2020, and has said he can’t wait for fans to hear it, because it contains some of his favourite tracks to date.