This is with reference to a recent letter in your paper titled 'Local bodies system' (June 15). I fully agree with the writer. Here I would like to state that District Nazims are acting illegally by using their powers for personal benefits. I am also a witness of a case in Layyah where a local Nazim took possession of 20 acres land of poor people by force in Moza Noshera (Basti Shadu Khan, Union Council No 17). The poor landowners that were affected by this action are still seeking justice. There are many other hideous crimes that of the Nazims that can be quoted here. The question is why did President Musharraf introduce this system? Some say he destroyed the whole institution of bureaucracy due to a whimsical grudge against the DMG. Another reason generally cited is that he wanted to muster support from the local influentials for his dictatorship through providing them with opportunities for corruption. I strongly suggest that this system should be abolished. -ZAHID GISHKORI, Islamabad, via e-mail, June 17.