NEW YORK  - US President George Bush has said that US-led international security forces are working to ensure Afghanistan would never be a safe haven for the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. "Today we are helping a democratic society take root, and ensuring that Afghanistan will never again be a safe haven for terrorists planning an attack on America," Bush said in his remarks at Max M Fisher National Republican Award Dinner at Livonia in Michigan. "In Afghanistan, we destroyed Al-Qaeda training camps and removed the Taliban from power," Bush said. "In Iraq, we removed a dangerous regime run by Saddam Hussein. The decision to remove Saddam Hussein was the right decision at the time, and it is the right decision today," he said. Observing that democracy was taking root where a tyrant once ruled, Bush said: "In Afghanistan, Iraq, and around the world, our men and women are performing with skill and honour." Criticising the Democratic Party, Bush alleged that it had repeatedly shown it would take America in the wrong direction, starting with the fact that many did not consider this to be a war at all.  "In their view, this is a - primarily a matter of law enforcement. In the war on terror, our focus should not be on prosecuting criminals after they have committed a crime. Our job is to find the terrorists and stop new attacks before they happen," he said amidst applause. "To stop new attacks, we need to know what the terrorists are planning. The best source of information about terrorist attacks is the terrorists themselves. After 9/11 we established a programme at the CIA to detain and question key terrorist operatives and their leaders. This programme has stopped new attacks on our country and has saved American lives," he said. Despite these successes, Democrats in Congress had tried to shut it down, he alleged. "To stop new attacks we also need to deny terrorists safe haven, including in Iraq. And that's why we launched the surge," he said.