LAHORE - The chairman Pakistan Railways has informed the Lahore High Court that train service on Narowal-Chak Amru Section was suspended in 2005 due to dilapidated condition of the track. However, a Project Cost-I (PC-I) of Rs 423 million was prepared and sent to the federal government but the same has not been approved so far. This was disclosed in a written reply submitted by chairman railways in a petition filed by Javaid Qamar challenging the suspension of train service on the said section. In was further stated that rehabilitation work will be started on the track as soon as ministry of railways approves that funds required for the Narowal-Chak Amru Section. The railway track structure is poor in the section and the trains can not run safely on such track and because of that train service had to be suspended on account of safety considerations. The chairman said a PC-1 amounting to Rs 6687.370 million for rehabilitation of track on Narowal-Chak Amru, Shadara Bagh-Narowal, Sialkot-Wazirabad and Malkawal Bhera sections was submitted to ministry of railways Islamabad for approval on April 04, 2006 but the railway ministry has not yet approved funds required for rehabilitation work. The cost of rehabilitation of Narowal Chak Amru section in the said PC-1 is Rs 423.014 million and as soon as allocation of funds is received the work will be taken in hand for improving the track condition. The respondents also told the court that the Narowal Chak Amru Section was going in loss and in 2001 the train service had been disconnected to minimise loses. In addition, it was also submitted that finally train service was suspended on August 30, 2005 between Narowal-Chak Amru as the condition of the track did not allow further train operation. The respondent counsel assured the court that after upgradation of the track section, it would be opened for train operations. The judge adjourned further hearing of the petition till July 4, 2008 for further proceedings after the deputy attorney general said the matter was under earnest consideration with federal government. The petitioner submitted that the public at large has suffered a lot due to suspension of train service from Narowal to Shakargarh and Chak Amru Section and it is violation of fundamental rights of citizens on the part of Pakistan Railways.