KARACHI - Epidemic diseases like fever and vomiting have broke out in several villages of the old coastal area including Rehri Goth and the affectees are desperately waiting for proper medical aid, The Nation learnt here on Monday. An NGO, working for the rehabilitation of the local people, has claimed that several diseases have broke out in the area as about 150 residents of Rehri Goth fell victim to epidemic diseases and out of them, 35 are in critical condition in the hospitals. As per details, last week the tidal waves dilapidated around 800 houses at Syed Mohallah, Sachad Mohallah and Dabla Mohallah. The stagnant floodwater gave rise to epidemic diseases like fever, vomiting and diarrhea. The situation harassed the people while more than 35 children were admitted to Jinnah Hospital and Landhi Hospital who are said to be in very critical condition. PFF official Sami Memon told newsmen that after receiving the information about the incident, the PFF members of PFF visited the affected localities and met the victims. They informed the doctor of rural health centre Dr. Jamil Murree and health department of Bin Qasim Town installed a health camp in the area. Dr. Jamil Murree told the pits, filled with stagnant water in Syed and Sachad Mohallahs, were giving rise to fatal diseases. He said that several patients including Irshad Shah, Zamin Shah, zubair shah, Irfan Shah, Abdullah Shah, Hanif Jat, Abdullah Jat, Anwar Jat, and Khan Jat are in critical condition in the hospital. The residents of the affected areas and the PFF have appealed the govt to send teams of qualified doctors to provide state-of-the-art medical facilities to the poor and needy fishermen.